Washington Craft Beer

Washington Craft BeerThe state of Washington ranks 2nd in the country for number of craft breweries but they rank 6th per capita. With over 330 breweries producing over 460,000 barrels of craft beer its no wonder this area has become a popular destination for a beercation. Below is a list of breweries we’ve had the pleasure of sampling beer from. If you had one of the samples posted, please leave a comment so other craft beer lovers can read about your experience.

7 Seas Logo 4C
7 Seas Brewing

Aslan Brewing
Aslan Brewing

Diamond Knot Brewery

Elysian Brewing

Fish Brewing

Fremont Brewing
Fremont Brewing

Georgetown Brewing

Iron Horse Brewery
Iron Horse Brewery

Mirage Beer Company
Mirage Brewing

No-Li Brewhouse

Reuben's Brews
Reuben’s Brews

Schooner Exact Brewing

silver city brewing
Silver City Brewery

Structures Brewing
Structures Brewing

Terminal Gravity Brewing
Terminal Gravity Brewing

Three Magnets Brewing

Trap Door Brewing
Trap Door Brewing

two beers
Two Beers Brewing

Wander Brewing

Wingman Brewing
Wingman Brewers

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