Vermont Craft Beer

Vermont Craft Beer

Vermont is home to over 50 craft breweries, which equates to roughly 10.8 breweries per 100,000 people. This makes Vermont the number 1 craft brewery state per capita. These breweries produce almost 300,000 barrels of craft beer per year. Below is a list of breweries we’ve had the pleasure of sampling beer from. If you had one of the samples posted, please leave a comment so other craft beer lovers can read about your experience.

14th star
14th Star Brewing

Burlington Beer Co.

Farnham Ales and Lager
Farnham Ale & Lager

Fiddlehead Brewing

Foam Brewers

Foam Brewers

Foley Brothers Brewery


Four Quarters Brewing

Frost Beer Works

Green Empire Brewing
Green Empire Brewing

Hop’n Moose Brewing

Hill Farmstead
Hill Farmstead Brewery

Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Long Trail Brewing

lost nation
Lost Nation Brewing

magic hat
Magic Hat Brewing

otter creek
Otter Creek Brewing

rock art brewing
Rock Art Brewery

the shed
The Shed Brewery

Shacksbury Cider
Shacksbury Cider

Simple Roots Brewing

Switchback Brewing

The Alchemist Brewery

Trout River Brewing

Upper Pass Beer Co.

Von Trapp Brewing

Von Trapp Brewing


Whetstone Station

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Brewing

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