maine-flagMaine ranks 5th per Capita with over 75 craft breweries pouring and selling across the state. These breweries pump out over 300,000 barrels of beer per year and employ over 1,500 people. Below is a list of breweries we’ve had the pleasure of sampling beer from. If you had one of the samples posted, please leave a comment so other craft beer lovers can read about your experience.

Allagash Brewing Company

Austin Street Brewing.jpg
Austin Street Brewery

Banded Brewing
Banded Brewing

Barreled Souls Brewing

Barreled Souls Brewing

Battery Steele Brewing
Battery Steele Brewing

Baxter Brewing
Baxter Brewing

Bissell Brothers Brewing

Bunker Brewing 

Definitive Brewing
Definitive Brewing

Foundation Brewing

Good Fire Brewing

Goodfire Brewing

Hidden Cove
Hidden Cove Brewing

liquid riot
Liquid Riot Brewing

Maine Beer
Maine Beer Company

Marshall Wharf Brewing

Mason’s Brewing

Mast Landing Brewing

Mast Landing Brewing

Orono Brewing
Orono Brewing

Peak Organic Brewing

Rising Tide
Rising Tide Brewing

Sebago Brewing

Sebago Brewing


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