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Enjoying pours at The Alchemist.

Welcome to Brews ‘N’ BBQ! During grad school is where the idea to journal my adventures in Craft Beer and low n slow BBQ begun. This blog showcases the beers sampled, recipes tried, visits to breweries and much more. Why… Craft Beer and BBQ? It’s simple often you find the owners putting in the work. From tending the wood for smoking ribs to making a batch of beer or pouring one for a customer. Both, showcase years of practicing the skills to perfection whether its a set of ribs or developing a fan favorite craft beer.

Craft Beer

Our craft beer adventure started around 20 years ago when we took our first sip of Berkshire Brewing beer out of Deerfield, MA. This was not your normal brew. It had aromas, bitterness, and usually a higher Abv. Plus it was brewed and distributed 15 minutes up the road from where grew up.

Fast forward to 2015, when we kicked to the side our corporate job and city living. To start pursuing our dream of working in the craft beer industry. In 2015, I walked into a new brewery and asked if I could be involved some how. I started off on the canning line which then led to deliveries, then cellar hand. All this positions gave me experience of all aspects of the brewing industry.

After leaving the brewery I worked in the craft beer department of a major chain store. Here I was able to see firsthand how the end users decided on what to purchase. Could it be style, brand, artwork on the label, price point, or recommendation. As a craft beer enthusiast myself I found this educational and exciting to discuss various craft beer choices.

Currently, I work as regional sales manager for a local brewery that is offered in multiple states. Utilizing my brewery knowledge and understanding customers buying behavior has helped with my current role. As I travel around building our brand and working with numerous distributors.


While attending community college a new BBQ joint in the Pioneer Valley opened. A friend was the head chef and asked if I wanted to help out. During this time I learn to appreciate the time and effort it took to get people licking their fingers and smiling on the way out. Nothing was more satisfying than watching hundreds fill up on the goodness our team prepared. This BBQ joint was new in a market that lacked competition. Let’s just say we got to have some fun with recipes.

When time permits we can be found at a local brewery or BBQ joint or in our backyard cooking up some yummy goodness. Hope you enjoy the adventures in craft beer and BBQ as much as us.


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