Connecticut breweries are known for producing a wide range of craft beer styles. These styles get distributed locally, regionally, and internationally. Most of the breweries in this state are small-batch, producing only one or two beers at a time. However, some breweries are pumping out eight to ten beers and contracting out to other breweries to help with distribution and package. Below is a list of breweries we’ve had the pleasure of sampling beer from. If you had one of the samples posted, please leave a comment so other craft beer lovers  can read about your experience.

Armada Brewing
Armada Brewing


Back East Brewing

Beerd Brewing
Beer’d Brewing

Black Hog
Black Hog Brewing

Boondoggle Brewing
Boondoggle Beers

Broad Brook
Broad Brook Brewing

city steam
City Steam Brewery

Cold Creek Brewery

Cold Creek Brewery

CT Valley Brewing
Connecticut Valley Brewing

Counter Weight Brewing

fat orange cat brewing

Fat Orange Cat Brew

Five Churches

Five Churches Brewing

Fox Farm

Fox Farm Brewery

Hanging Hills
Hanging Hills Brewing

Greater Good Brewing
Greater Good Brewing

Industrial Brewing
Industrial Arts Brewing

Kent Falls

Kent Falls Brewing

New England
New England Brewing

New Park Brewing
New Park Brewing

Relic Brewing

Stony Creek Brewery

download (1)
Stubborn Beauty Brewing

Thomas Hooker Brewery

Two Roads Brewing


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