Equilibrium Brewery ‘Straight Outta The Marshmallow Laboratory’


Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery

Style: Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10.2%

Notes / Commercial Description: Recently, we told you about a Saturday night spent in Ridgewood checking out Jeppe’s beautiful new brewery, Evil Twin NYC. The conversation of hops, marshmallows, and what if’s lead to a test batch of a collaborative effort, Straight Outta The Marshmallow Laboratory. It was served both at Equilibrium and Evil Twin and after some great feedback and slight tweaks to the original recipe we decided to package it. We’ve worked hard to really integrate the marshmallow flavor with the tropical notes from the hops while reducing the marshmallow sweetness in a revised process from the pilot batch. We are really happy with the result.

Straight Outta The Marshmallow Laboratory pours a hazy orange and notes of orange marshmallow creamsicle immediately fill the air when cracked open. The flavor follows with bright tropical fruits infused with pillowy marshmallow and creamy vanilla notes. The beer finishes soft and velvety with a beautiful EQJuice profile.

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