Tree House Brewing ‘Radiant’


Brewed by: Tree House Brewing

Style: American Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume: 8.0%

Notes/Commercial Description: Brewed with peach purée and a blend of our favorite American hops, Radiant pours a glowing orange color in the glass and emits flavors and aromas ripe peach, mango, orange juice, and tropical fruit. It is extremely fruity, mostly as a function of our house yeast paired with a carefully refined process for brewing IPA; the peach here serves as icing on the cake of a memorable beer. It carries our irreplicable flavor profile in spades. Radiant is another beautiful entry in a series of beers by Tree House exploring simple additions of fruit, fruit syrups, and fruit powders to our well-refined Tree House IPAs. We invite you to enjoy it fresh and in the company of people who make you smile – Enjoy!

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