Side Project Brewing ‘Pulling Nails Blend #9’

Side Project Brewing ‘Pulling Nails Blend #9’

Brewed by: Side Project Brewing

Style: American Wild Ale

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.0%

Notes / Commercial Description:

We are excited to share with you of our next blend of Pulling Nails. Blend #9 continues to focus on using our diverse sour, tart, funky and oak-aged barrel stock to create a unique beer which couldn’t be produced without the blending of these individual threads. A little more of an assertive Brettanomyces presence is softened by the Blackberry and Vidal Blanc portions to define what Pulling Nails Blend #9 is.

The Official Blend:

32% Thicket – Missouri Wild Ale aged on Blackberries for more than a year

18% Oude du Blé – Missouri Wheat Saison – 13 months in oak

20% Foedre #7 – Initial fill date – September 1st, 2017

15% Méthode Traditionnelle – Coolship Inoculated & Spontaneously fermented – 2 years in oak

15% Missouri Saison with Missouri Vidal Blanc Grapes – 1 year in oak

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