Fox Farm Brewery ‘Persimina’

Fox Farm Brewery ‘Persimina’

Brewed by: Fox Farm Brewery

Style: Belgian Saison

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.7%

Notes / Commercial Description: In February 2019 we had the pleasure of hosting our friends Matt and Cobi from Tilted Barn Brewery – together we set out to create a beer that wove together unique threads from each of our respective homes into a cohesive yet wholly collaborative effort. Persimina is a farmhouse ale made with paw paws and peaches. Starting with a grist of Valley pilsner malt, wheat, oats and spelt we gently hopped Persimina in the kettle with locally grown hops. In addition to an overnight stop in our coolship, we added wild yeast isolated from Matt and Kara’s farm and our own farmhouse culture. After several months in an oak foeder, it was transferred atop a mix of fresh peaches and paw paws, the latter coming from Hunts Brook Farm in Waterford, CT. A fruit native to the eastern United States, paw paws have unmistakeable tropical fruit qualities reminiscent of pineapple and banana. Digga from Hunts Brook and a small group of growers are leading the charge in cultivating this unique fruit here in Connecticut. Following a complete re-fermentation on the fruit we packaged the beer and allowed it to naturally condition in bottles and kegs.

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