Equilibrium Brewery ‘Agent Orange’

Equilibrium Brewery ‘Agent Orange’

Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery

Style: American Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.0%

Notes / Commercial Description: Agent Orange is our first collaboration made here in Middletown with our friends from Interboro Spirits and Ales. This beer is inspired by local togetherness, EQ’s home in Orange County, Jesse’s background in the indie hip-hop scene, and one of Middletown’s own underground hip-hop stars. This beer is as complex as the concept. So what happens when you take a healthy dose of 2-row, wheat and oats combined with a hop bill of amarillo, citra, belma, and simcoe and age it on fresh orange zest? You get a bright yellow hazy citrusy DIPA that smells of futuristic oranges and tastes of peach, tropical fruit and dank orange fruit cup with a touch of canabis. The fresh zest compliments the flavors and helps mimic the fresh squeezed OJ Grandma used to make on a Sunday morning, just with new level oranges. It has a chewy mouthfeel and absolutely explodes with our EQjuice.

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