Cigar City Brewing ‘Criminal Commission’

Cigar City Brewing ‘Criminal Commission’

Brewed by: Cigar City Brewing

Style: American Imperial Stout

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 13.7%

Notes / Commercial Description: It’s here! The long-awaited first El Catador Club 9th Edition release, lovingly dubbed El Collabador Club, is available now in the Tampa Tasting Room. Boulder members, please stay tuned for your pick up date.

Our second collaboration with Anaheim, California’s Bottle Logic Brewing, this beer was brewed while the Bottle Logic folks were in town for Hunahpu’s Day 2018. Two batches were brewed: one with banana in the fermentor and one with no bananas. After sitting in rum barrels for seven months, the two batches were blended and spun over banana purée, vanilla beans and cinnamon.

Founded in 2014, Bottle Logic Brewing has been making big barrel-aged stouts and hoppy beers in Southern California that have garnered much attention and accolades. Our first collab was brewed in 2016, an English-style stout with eggfruit called Digital Dissolution.

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