Fieldwork Brewing ‘Altered Yeast’

Fieldwork Brewing ‘Altered Yeast’

Brewed by: Fieldwork Brewing

Style: American IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.8%

Notes / Commercial Description: Yeast has been the true final frontier in IPA for quiet some time now; after decades of experimenting with hops, malt, and different water profiles, it’s finally time for breweries to enjoy and explore the possibilities using expressive yeast strains. Altered Yeast is our IPA to celebrate the holy matrimony between yeast esters and hop aromas. Alongside using the best aromatic yeast strains we can find we also loaded this one up with two of the orangiest hops that ever have oranged; Citra and Southern Passion. These aren’t two of our favorite hops for no reason, with huge notes of orange marmalade, tangerine zest, tampico, and canned peaches in syrup the Citra and Southern Passion hops pair perfectly with the fruity yeast esters to create an absolute juice bomb that we just couldn’t achieve with a neutral yeast strain.

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