Tree House Brewing ‘Abstraction – Coffee’

Tree House Brewing ‘Abstraction – Coffee’

Brewed by: Tree House Brewing

Style: American Imperial Porter

Alcohol by volume: 8.8%

Notes/Commercial Description: Our friends at Gracenote are masters at the art, science, and complexity of coffee roasting, tasting, and extraction. For this beauty, we worked in conjunction with them to select a coffee that would perfectly support and complement Abstraction. Given the characteristics of the base beer, we selected a coffee with solid structure and complexity, and with firm acidity to provide lift and balance (Kenya Kavutiri AB). The result is truly greater than the sum of its parts. It tastes like the most beautifully harmonious cup of coffee we’ve ever had, with virtually no bitterness, and densely packed coffee flavors. It is richly flavorful without weighing down the palate, and it finishes cleanly and boldly. It challenges and rewards the palate as it is allowed to warm in the glass. We are very excited to share this beer with you as it represents everything we try to achieve as craftsman – balance, elegance, authenticity, and rich flavor that is enjoyable pint after pint, time and time again, in any circumstance. Enjoy!

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