Tired Hands Brewing ‘Milkshake IPA – Guava Lavender’

Tired Hands Brewing ‘Milkshake IPA – Guava Lavender’

Brewed by: Tired Hands Brewing

Style: New England IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.2%

Notes / Commercial Description: Guava Lavender Milkshake IPA is yet another not-so-logical extension of THE genre defining Culinary IPA series. Brewed with heavy amounts of fluffy malted oats, wheat and lactose sugar. Intensely hopped AND dry hopped with hand selected Citra and Mosaic. Conditioned atop a melange of sweet Madagascar vanilla beans, pungent guava purée, and fresh pineapple lavender. A real bright yet comfortable noodle twister that evokes tropical waves of bliss and peace with each sniff and sip. Dreamt up with our lava surfin’ shredders over at @omnipollo! Intense notes of candied grapefruit rind, candied pineapple, peppery white sage, deep guava perfume and drippy donut peaches.

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