Tree House Brewing ‘Triple Shot’

Tree House Brewing ‘Triple Shot’

Brewed by: Tree House Brewing

Style: American Imperial Stout

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.00%

Notes / Commercial Description:
2014 saw the creation and evolution of one of our proudest accomplishments here at Tree House: Double Shot. Over the year we often wondered how far we could push the coffee and still maintain a balanced and delightful beer. In the spirit of maintaining the integrity and refinement of the original Double Shot, we created a new base beer to withstand precisely double the coffee addition Double Shot receives to satisfy our curiosity. The result is something quite surprising and completely original! More milk chocolate than coffee, and more brown sugar than molasses, Triple Shot conveys a super unique flavor profile that explodes with complexity as it warms. The crew here tastes “straight chocolate syrup”, ”chocolate covered raspberries”, “sweet espresso”, and “chocolate Charleston Chew (seriously)”. A truly rich treat that begs to be shared – we’re psyched to shared it with YOU!

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