7 Tips to Know When Visiting Equilibrium Brewery

After a few visits to Equilibrium Brewery in Middletown, NY we decided it was time to write our 7 Tips to Know when visiting EQ. These tips are meant for you to have a better experience while visiting Equilibrium not a review of EQ. IMG_4272

  1. Location: 22 Henry St. Middletown, NY
  2. Parking: Parking is available on the side and behind Equilibrium Brewery and there seems to be plenty of parking around the brewery.
  3. Atmosphere:  Having only visited on a Saturday for can releases, we can’t answer to a week day at the brewery. However, Saturday is the day to visit Equilibrium Brewery. Upon arrival you will be issued a ticket. This is your spot in line. You can leave the site and come back at open or stay for the beer share. During our visits we enjoyed numerous shares with people cracking beers and putting them on the designated table for others to enjoy. There is strict policy that you must drink within the fenced area. Also available on Saturday are delicious breakfast sandwiches whipped up by Joe. We went with the full meat attack sandwich which included bacon, ham, and sausage. IMG_4273The only thing Joe asked is that you tip him. This helps him cover the expense of food. Trust us you will want a sandwich! At 11:30 the garage doors open and beer sales begin. You will want to make sure you find your spot in line before this time. If you plan to purchase merchandise or crowlers you can do this at the far garage door.
  4. Pets/Kids: During our visits we’ve noticed dogs and kids of all ages. However, we’ve never visited during weekday or Sunday hours.
  5. Take Home Beer: On Saturday you can take home tons of beers offered by Equilibrium. They usually have case limits but those can change depending on demand. During the week and on Sunday they offer what is leftover from Saturday’s release.
  6. Food: As mentioned on Saturday you can grab a sandwich from Joe. On other days, the brewery doesn’t have food available.
  7. Hours: Thursday 4pm-8pm, Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday 11:30-6pm, and Sunday 11am-3pm

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