Trillium Brewing ‘Lovells Island’

Trillium Brewing ‘Lovells Island’

Brewed by: Trillium Brewing

Style: American IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.80%

Notes / Commercial Description:
Nestled in the bay just off the coast, Boston’s Harbor Islands are rich with history and intrigue. Each is known for its unique appeal and backstory, with a string of larger narratives tying them together en masse. The Harbor Islands IPA series grew out of the exploration that took place in our Permutation Series, where we developed a new series of IPAs that showcases extraordinary hops, building on our team’s experience brewing hoppy beer at Trillium.

The nearest island to the sites of several legendary shipwrecks, Lovells Island was the site of the first hut of refuge in the country built in 1787. An important trading hub and the former home of the Lovells Island Range Lights and Fort Standish, the Island boasts a diverse flora of pine, oak, sumac, black cherry, beach plum, raspberry, and wild roses.

Lovells Island IPA pours a pale, golden orange with notably heavy haze. It’s signature hop, Vic Secret, emits strong, yet pleasant aromas of orange peel, fresh mango and pine. The palate follows the nose developing flavors of squeezed lemon, creamy cantaloupe, and white grapefruit zest. Fuller bodied with a pillowy, soft mouthfeel, Lovell’s Island finishes with a notes of orange pith and lemongrass.

MALT: Pale Malt, Honey Malt, Victory Malt
HOPS: Vic Secret

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