Equilibrium Brewery ‘dHop0’

Equilibrium Brewery ‘dHop0’

Brewed by: Equilibrium Brewery

Style: American Double/Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.10%

Notes / Commercial Description: We are undertaking a large but worthwhile endeavor at Equilibrium. All of our yeast and bacteria are proprietary and privately banked. We have been shifting our yeast management practices to uncompromisingly deliver the best beer that the state of brewing science allows.

To kick off this undertaking, we present dHop 0. Fluctuation was in fact the very first dHop we ever brewed. We liked it so much (back in Pete’s basement) we immediately promoted to be its own stand-alone entity. For dHop 0, we go back to one of our favorite recipes and introduce our new yeast (same strain), new fermentation profile, and introduce an additional novel step to the dry hop, which aims to put more hop oils in the glass.

dHop 0 pours a very hazy tangerine color, releasing very forward notes of passionfruit and peach with an undercurrent of sorbet and cream. The flavor follows the aroma with a soft body and a pointed bitterness to balance the juiciness.

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