7 Tips to Know When Visiting Night Shift Brewing

  1.  Location: 87 Santilli Hwy. Everett, MAIMG_5512
  2.  Parking: Parking lot on side of building and plenty of street parking. Just don’t park where it states no parking.
  3. Atmosphere: When you walk in you will notice a bar directly in front of you. Immediately to the right you will notice tables and a view of the brew house. The bathrooms are also in this direction. If you walk to the left after entering you will see a To Go Bar for beer to go and another bar area with plenty of seating. When you enter the second bar there is an entrance to the outdoor patio on the left side and more bathrooms towards the right. Usually on busy days the patio will have a food truck offering goods. Night Shift provides plenty of board games for entertainment.
  4.  Pets/Kids: Kids are welcome in both the taproom and patio. However, pets aren’t allowed in the taproom but, friendly pets are welcome on the patio.
  5.  Take Home Beer: Fresh beers are available to go in cans or bottles. Make sure you buy from the To Go Beer Bar. IMG_0197
  6.  Food: Food trucks are usually available every day.
  7.  Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm & Sunday 11am-8pm.

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