7 Tips to Know When Visiting Berkshire Brewing Company

  1. Location: 12 Railroad St. South Deerfield, MA. IMG_1911
  2. Parking: Street parking and a small lot out front.
  3. Atmosphere: The brewery is only open on Saturday at 1pm for tours. Once you enter you walk down a hallway towards the brew house. Once there you will notice brewing equipment. The tour takes you through the whole process of brewing beer from where the grain comes in to where the beer is canned and bottled for distribution. When the tour is complete you will be ushered into a small taproom to sample some of Berkshire Brewing’s craft beer. This includes flagship beers and one-timers. IMG_1914
  4. Pets/Kids: No pets are allowed becausethis is just a tour. Kids are welcome however there is no entertainment for kids.
  5. Take home beer: Unfortunately they aren’t able to sell any beer to patrons at the brewery.
  6. Food: No food is available.
  7. Hours: Saturday 1pm for a short tour.




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