Fieldwork Brewing ‘Centennial Was Dead’

Fieldwork Brewing ‘Centennial Was Dead’

Brewed by: Fieldwork Brewing

Style: American Double / Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.00%

Notes / Commercial Description: The real greats in history never reach their peak ’till later in life. It took Scorsese 26 years of directing ’till he finally won an Oscar, Thelonius Monk didn’t reach mass acclaim until he was 46, and the best rapper of all time Shawn Carter never peaked ’till he married Beyoncé at the age of 38. The beer equivalent of these legendary gents is Centennial hops. Released 43 years ago this PNW classic set the bar for what American hops could be, but as new-school hops like Citra and Citra came along Centennial lost popularity, and was ostracized to play Bar Mitzvahs for loose change. Then came the 2017 crop year… we don’t know what the hell happened, but this grapefruit blossom classic rose from its grave like a mighty phoenix raining down fire, brimstone, and flavors of lemon candies and what we can only describe as a cantaloupe melon that had its rind removed and replaced with a sweet orange peel. We’re happy to say that the Dr. Dre of hops is back, and while you may have forgotten about ’em, Centennial is back.

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