Fieldwork Brewing ‘Nug Champa’

Fieldwork Brewing ‘Nug Champa’

Brewed by: Fieldwork Brewing

Style: American Double / Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 9.30%

Notes / Commercial Description: Nug Champa is our once a year Double IPA to be released leading up to the ever so important holiday on April 20th. Not to be out of theme, this beer is a veritable head shop in a glass; smelling like a truckload of marijuana crossing state lines. Freshly trimmed pot leaves, sticky resin, and underlying notes of tangerine peel and coconut leave this beer with a complex hop profile that changes and morphs with the temperature. Exceedingly dry for its size, with simple notes of honey covered biscuits coming from the malt, Nug Champa Double IPA is deceptive in its size and will leave you forgetting it isn’t your run of the mill IPA. ‘Cause you know, it certainly wasn’t anything else causing that short-term memory loss.

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