Fieldwork Brewing ‘Becky the duck’

Fieldwork Brewing ‘Becky the duck’

Brewed by: Fieldwork Brewing

Style: American IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.90%

Notes / Commercial Description: Every Fall we release Pepe The Shark, a menacingly aromatic Double IPA brewed in honor of a very famous rollerblading race in Cincinnati, Ohio back in the Spring of ’93. However, the problem with beers like that is that we fall in love with them and want them all year; which brings us to Becky The Duck. Brewed in memoriam of those animals lost in the CalStar oil spill of 1991, Becky The Duck offers up the same hops and malts as Pepe in a smaller IPA form-factor. Tons of Citra and Idaho7 hops jump from the glass with huge notes of orange marmalade, red berries, and mango smoothie. With an equally passive bitterness as its predecessor and a mellow malt sweetness, Becky The Duck is the slick solution to the 355 days we can’t get Pepe.

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