7 Tips to Know When Visiting Stone Cow Brewery

On a wintry New England day we decided to take an adventure to Stone Cow Brewery in Barre, Massachusetts. Upon arriving we were greeted by a huge parking lot overshadowed by two gorgeous barns. IMG_0669The Red one seemed to be part of this active dairy farm, while the silver one was lined with walkways guiding us to the brewery entrance. Check out our 7 Tips to Know When Visiting Stone Cow Brewery.

  1.  Location: Stone Cow Brewery is located at 500 West St. Barre, MA 01005. This is east of the Quabbin Reservoir and south of Rt. 202. It’s really easy to find because they have a big stone cow out front.
  2. Parking: You will find plenty of parking at Stone Cow Brewery. However, on big event days we could see the lot filling up pretty quickly. We’re not sure if they have additional parking.
  3. Atmosphere: When you walk in a you’re welcomed by bar with friendly staff in front of you. Behind the bar is a tap wall with craft beer offerings posted above the taps. To the left you will notice a portion of the brewery equipment. Interestingly, the kettle is wrapped in stone work. IMG_0671The owner mentioned they gathered all the stone from the property. Truly a piece of work. If you look to the right while at the bar you will notice post and beam architecture along with various seating options and decorations that blends well with the Farm Brewed Beer vibe. You will find plenty of entertainment available and feel free to bring your own. Lastly, the bathrooms are pretty colorful and clean. IMG_0693
  4. Pets/Kids: Because they have a food license dogs are only welcome in the bar area of Stone Cow Brewery. Kids are more than welcome and they offer a ton of games like Connect Four, Twister, Cards and much more. During the winter weather, kids can go sledding while the grown-ups sip on beer.
  5. Take Home Beer: Growlers and Crowlers can be purchased and filled on location. On some occasions cans are available.
  6. Food: Stone Cow Brewery does offer food. On a regular basis they have sandwiches, pizza along with meat and cheese platters. They try to use locally sourced products for all food. Check out their website about their BBQ dinners offered during warmer weather.
  7. Hours: Monday-Wednesday Closed, Thursday 1pm-7pm, Friday 1pm-9pm, Saturday 12pm-9pm, and Sunday 12pm-5pm.

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