Brewery Vivant ‘Hop Field’

Brewery Vivant ‘Hop Field’

Brewed by: Brewery Vivant

Style: Belgian IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.00%

Notes / Commercial Description: This IPA follows our farmhouse roots while honoring Michigan’s love of hops. Featuring a blend of native Michigan-grown hops, this beer celebrates hop flavor on a holistic level, not solely the bitterness. A rustic, unfiltered cloudiness and farmhouse yeast allows the bright, fruit-forward hops to shine. Well balanced and refreshing, this farmhouse IPA boasts complexity and comfort all in one.

Hop Field features four hops, three of which are native to Michigan. Mackinac and Copper hops, which were bred just 25 miles from our brewery, and grown at a number of farms around the state, make up part of that wonderful bouquet you inhale before imbibing. MI Heritage hops were actually first discovered by one of our brewers. He got a call from a buddy who was cultivating his family centennial (100 year) farm citing something unidentifiable was growing on the property. After thorough chemical analysis and dating technology, it was determined this was a wild hop growing for hundreds of years. We are proud to feature Michigan agriculture in this rustic farmhouse IPA. Centennial hops are also used in this beer, we are working on sourcing them from Michigan growers.

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