Tree House Brewing ‘Curiosity Forty Three’

Tree House Brewing ‘Curiosity Forty Three’

Brewed by: Tree House Brewing

Style: American IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.10%

Notes / Commercial Description:
The art and science of brewing continues to captivate us – every opportunity to experiment is enriching in a way that is difficult to describe. To that end Curiosity Forty Three aims to pair an expressive hop with an expressive fruit. Our current crop of Simcoe has been exhibiting wonderful characteristics of red grapefruit. To amplify and complement this character, we introduced peak Texas grown red grapefruit into the mix. Utilizing fresh pressed juice in the kettle and fresh rind during cold conditioning along with heaps of beautiful Simcoe hops, Forty Three exhibits authentic flavors and aromas of red grapefruit and tropical fruit and finishes with a clean and pure rind character. A soft body and supple mouthfeel contribute to a beer that is both well rounded, extremely flavorful, and wholly unique. We hope it can contribute in a meaningful way to a joyful holiday celebration.

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