7 Tips to Know When Visiting Tree House Brewing

Considering we live within an hour drive of Tree House Brewing we find ourselves visiting pretty frequently. From our visits we’ve compiled 7 tips that you should know if you plan to visit the brewery in Charlton, MA. IMG_6281

  1. Location: Tree House is easily accessible off Rt. 20 at 129 Sturbridge Rd. Charlton, MA.
  2. Parking: If you arrive early like we do you will park in the lower lot. Cars are required to line up as them come in. You’re not allowed to walk up to brewery until cars start to drive up to upper lot. If you arrive later in the day you usually can park in upper lot but on busy days you will have to park in lower lot. However, they just got a shuttle bus, so hop aboard and get a free lift to the entrance.
  3. Atmosphere: This brewery was designed with the customer in mind. They have a koa pond with waterfalls, a beautiful pavilion to enjoy beers under, speakers and chairs throughout the outside area. Inside you will notice another pavilion directly in front of you with hops carved into it. Be sure to look down because the old breweries blueprint is carved in the floor. If you look to the left you will notice the bar area with a Tree House painting and countless taps. Towards the right is were sales happen including cans and merchandise. The brewery equipment is visible from every spot in the brewery except the bathrooms. Tree House offers a catwalk you can mingle down to see the entire brewery including canning line, fermentation tanks, bright tanks, and much more. On some days they offer pours but for the most part it’s can sales and merchandise.
  4. Pets/Kids: Pets are welcome and they have water bowls. Please don’t leave your dog in the car even with the AC or heat on. Kids are also welcomed but during the cold months keep them home because you will wait in a long line and your kids health is more important than beer. IMG_4700
  5. Take Home Beer: They no longer do Growler fills. But you will be able to take home some of their beer while supplies last.
  6. Food: On Saturdays they usually have food trucks depending on the weather. You can also bring your own food to enjoy while putting back a pint (when they offer pours).
  7. Hours: Wednesday 12pm-8pm, Thursday and Friday 2pm-8pm, Saturday 11am-6:30pm. (Hours are subject to change)

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