7 Tips to Know When Visiting Standard Brewing

After visiting Standard Brewing in Seattle we compiled 7 tips to share with other craft beer lovers. We hope these tips help you enjoy your visit to Standard Brewing. IMG_0409

  1. Location: 2503 S. Jackson St. Seattle, WA
  2. Parking: They don’t offer parking but you will find parking on the street or in the area parking lots.
  3. Atmosphere: We visited during the day and the outside area wasn’t open. When you walk inside you will see a doorway with a counter. The counter is where beer purchases can be made. This place is small and doesn’t offer much space to enjoy with friends, however we heard that they were looking to expand. Again at the time the outside area wasn’t open.
  4. Pets/Kids: Pets are not allowed and Standard is 21+.
  5. Take Home Beer: The offer Growler fills and bottles to go.
  6. Food: Small menu with sandwiches available.
  7. Hours: Monday-Thursday 3pm-10pm, Friday-Sunday 12pm-12am.

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