7 Tips to Know When Visiting Prohibition Pig

If you find yourself in Waterbury, Vermont make sure you stop into Prohibition Pig for some libations and food. Check out our 7 Tips to ensure you will enjoy your experience at Prohibition Pig. IMG_9588

  1. Location: 2 Elm St. Waterbury, VT
  2. Parking: We couldn’t find a parking lot so we assume it’s street parking only. But you will find plenty on Elm and Main St.
  3. Atmosphere: When you walk up the steps to enter Prohibition Pig you will notice in front of you a counter. Towards the right is the seating area. You will also noticed brewing equipment behind this counter. At the counter you can get beer fills and pints poured. The spot seems a little cramped but during the warmer months they do have outside seating. We should note they offer other Vermont beer on tap or can and bottle.
  4. Pets/Kids: No Pets are allowed but you can bring the children in.
  5. Take Home Beer: Growler fills are offered. IMG_9589
  6. Food: Prohibition Pig is known for food while the restaurant portion offers and extensive menu the brewery has a slimmed down version however, we went with the tacos and glad we did. Two thumbs to the cook!
  7. Hours: 7 Days a week 11:30am-9pm.

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