7 Tips to Know When Visiting Mitten Brewing

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan we strongly suggest venturing to Mitten Brewing. Check out our 7 Tips if you plan to visit Mitten Brewing. IMG_2885

  1. Location: 527 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI
  2. Parking: They offer a small parking lot in the back but you can also park on the street.
  3. Atmosphere: When you come in the door you will notice a bench from old Tiger Stadium. I mean you are in Michigan and they love the Detroit Tigers. Once you enter you will notice table tops scattered around an open room. Directly in front of you is a bar with some bar stools but not many. During the warmer months they offer outside seating. With the sun shining outside we opted for a seat on the patio.
  4. Pets/Kids: Pets are not welcomed however feel free to let the kids tag along.
  5. Take Home Beer: They do offer Growler and Howler fills. If you have clean growlers bring them. If not they charge a small fee for new glass. IMG_2879
  6. Food: Mitten Brewing offers a full menu and we highly suggests a flat bread pizza.
  7. Hours: Sunday-Monday 11:30am-10pm, Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-12am.

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