Visiting Hanging Hills Brewery

IMG_1543Do you like craft beer? If you answered yes you need to visit Hanging Hills Brewery next time you visit Hartford. The place is great. Easy to find right off the highway with plenty of parking. But make sure you don’t park where signs state No Parking. Once you walk in you are welcomed to a taproom with art, plenty of seating, games for entertaining the patron while sipping craft beer and a view of the brew house.

From what we heard they usually have food trucks on the weekends and offer some small snacks like pretzels and other items. When you walk up to the bar you will notice the tap list posted on the wall in front of you. The list is a little confusing at first but trust us you will figure it out pretty quickly. Basically we thought they had double the amount of offerings but they didn’t. Once we got our flight we grabbed a sit and started in on a game while watching the crowds come and go.IMG_1547

They offer flights, samples, full pours, refills, and when we were there can sales. Not sure if they still offer can sales, so call in advance if you plan to take some home. Because food is served at this location pets are not allowed. However, bring the kids because we did notice a number of parents with children of all ages hanging out at Hanging Hills.

150 Ledyard St.
Hartford, CT 06114

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