Visit to Forest City Brewing

IMG_3477Forest City Brewing is located in Middleton Connecticut in an old warehouse building that also showcases Stubborn Beauty Brewing. Not sure if it was our GPS but it seems this location is difficult to find from the direction we came from. The road Forest City is located on runs parallel to N. Main St. Outside the brewery there is plenty of parking and both Forest City and Stubborn Beauty are close enough that you can park and hit up both.img_3495.jpg

Once you enter a counter is directly in front of you with the beer menu on the wall towards the your right. The line is divided into sample flights, full pours and fill ups. No food is offered and it seems no pets are allowed. IMG_3492The space is on the smaller side with most of the space consumed by brewing equipment. We found this place to be good for a few drinks and head out. No board games were offered and it seem like we were pushed through a conveyor belt. Side note the place wasn’t busy and the staff could’ve been a little more friendly. On the up side they knew their beer.

180 Johnson St.
Middletown, CT 06457

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