Visit to Honest Weight Brewery

IMG_6419During a road trip to a number of breweries, Honest Weight was our final stop. Located right on Route 2A in Orange, Massachusetts, 2A is a bypass off Route 2.  Boy some breweries just have it going on and this place is one of them. The brewery is located in an old warehouse, that sits mostly vacated, until two friends Jay and Sean decided to open Honest Weight Artisan Brewery. Both are Massachusetts natives and both worked for Cambridge Brewing in the past. But now under one roof they make some of the best beer coming out of Western Mass.

During our visit the brewery had a food truck outside, we will discuss this later. IMG_6429Once you enter the door the tap room room is towards the left. Here you will notice a large open air room with the taps located on the right. Much of the original architecture exist and they found some ‘weight’ antiques to showcase. Behind the taps is the brewery, rest rooms, and walk in fridge. Our visit fell on a Saturday so the staff was stacked but we managed to speak to most of them, all were friendly and knowledgeable.

IMG_6435They only offer growler fills and the merchandise is very basic. But since our visit that could have changed and if you visited Honest Weight recently and noticed some changes please comment with those changes so fellow craft beer lovers can see the updates. This brewery road trip took us to Lefty’s, Brick and Feather, Element, and Honest Weight. All are very close to one another with plenty of food options along the route.

131 W. Main St. Ste 104
Orange, MA 01364

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