Treehouse Brewery Visit

Living only an hour away from Treehouse Brewery we had to take full advantage and pay them a visit. We decided to visit on a Wednesday because it was ‘can day’ and we heard the line is shorter. Coming from Western, Ma we took the Mass Pike eTree House Brewingastbound, until the Palmer exit and turned right at the lights. The drive through the small communities is great with old historical buildings lining the road.

Finally, the GPS found our destination, we were greeted by an employee directing traffic. Today we were directed towards the closer lot. We IMG_6649thought, damn this is cool, the line must be short. Wrong! The line stretched across the back grass and down by a shipping container.

The line was cool with friendly people talking about their previous experiences at Treehouse and other beers they’ve had. Some people had dogs, but people in line were cool about them putting the dog in the car when you enter the brewery to buy beer. They do have a big grassy area and some outdoor games but it doesn’t seem open to public.

Once you enter the brewery you can see some merchandise on one IMG_5886wall and opposite you see the brewery with people hustling around. At this point you get pushed along as they want to make the sale as quickly as possible to serve others. This is fine because once in it takes 10-15 minutes to get beer and leave. During can sale all merchandise is for sale but no Growler fills.

Overall, the experience to Treehouse was rated as 4 stars IMG_5893because you can’t sample beer, lines are long, not enough
entertainment for people waiting. However, we heard they plan to open a new brewery in 2017 and look forward to paying them a visit and sitting down for a pint.

Treehouse Brewing
160 E. Hill Rd.
Monson, MA 01057


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