Visiting Aeronaut Brewery

Taplist Aeronaut Brewery
Taplist Aeronaut Brewery

If you plan to visit Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville Massachusetts here are a few pointers and tips. First the location is in a huge warehouse building off Somerville Ave. This is a busy street with meter parking. We recommend parking on Somerville Ave. and walking to the brewery. Tyler street is a resident parking street and you can get towed or a ticket. Once you get to the location Aeronaut is set in the back you should see the sign above the door.

Aeronaut Brewery
Aeronaut Brewery

The warehouse is wide open with a few other businesses inside and public restrooms. Aeronaut has tons of seating and they offer video game play and board games. Lastly, we found out that some days and nights they offer live music. Thankfully for us that was the case during our visit.

Board games at Aeronaut Brewery
Trouble at Aeronaut Brewery

If you visited Aeronaut Brewery and have suggestions for other craft beer lovers please comment! Cheers!

Aeronaut Brewery
14 Tyler St.
Somerville, MA 02143


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